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    Stamped Concrete in Greenville

    If you’re tired of dull-looking driveways or if your concrete patio needs a new look, you’ll need an upgrade. With a stamped concrete contractor in Greeneville, North Carolina, this home improvement job is easier.

    Our concrete company can do anything with concrete: engraving, texturing, coloring, stamping, and more! Our priority is to deliver beauty and durability to every home or commercial establishment in Greenville, NC, Pitt County, and other areas in East Carolina.

    Get in touch with us and work with skilled concrete contractors that know how to imprint patterns on concrete overlay and staining floors.

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    Stamped Concrete is Versatile

    Stamped concrete is available in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns; they also come in different structures and forms. These building materials can also mimic the look of natural stones, slates, bricks, wood planks, and more.
    Apart from being versatile, stamped concrete can also:

    Patio Stamped Concrete

    Bring Your Stamped Impressions to Life

    Aesthetically, stamped concrete is difficult to beat when it comes to color and pattern options. You have an endless roulette of choices. With stained decorative concrete, you can replicate the colors you find in nature or explore unconventional shades of colors. Custom stamped concrete can easily match the color of your current landscape, so you can enjoy a cohesive look of your surroundings.

    Decorative Stamped Concrete in Greenville

    Transform Spaces via Vertical Application

    Some materials (e.g. asphalt) come with more affordable upfront costs. However, you’ll save more money in the long run with concrete. Concrete driveways are low-maintenance and have longer lifespans. Since concrete is also durable, you need not worry about costly issues like warping and potholes. 

    Home Stamped Patio

    Set Faster than Wood Planks or Natural Stones

    Stamped concrete can be easily poured on existing surfaces, which means you’ll deal with less mess (and headaches) than if you worked with wood planks or grouted stones. With stamped concrete, preparing the surface, pouring the concrete, stamping the pattern, sealing, and stamping the ground can take only a few days. Before you know it, your floor is ready to go.

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    Decorative Concrete Installation Process


    Excavation is the first step of the process. To create an even surface, the ground should be leveled carefully. The soil must also be compacted; if it is uncompacted, it will sink and shift, which can lead to cracks on the concrete’s surface.

    Once the area has been compacted and leveled, professionals install wooden forms to corral the wet concrete.

    Because of the tedious nature of the stamped concrete installation process, we don’t recommend treating it as a DIY project. If you’re considering the DIY route because you want to save money, you’ll only be saving on labor costs. You’ll still spend money on concrete and stamping tools. Also, you’ll have to spend more if you’re unhappy with your work.

    So, instead of worrying about these things, leave the work to our trusted concrete contractors in Greenville, NC.


    Color hardener colors stamped concrete. The dry powder is applied to the concrete and cured long enough to avoid bleeding colors. Coloring stamped concrete involves flinging fistfuls of color hardener powder across a damp surface. Once the powder is applied, it soaks up the water for a few minutes.

    Stamped Concrete Patio


    Once the desired shade has been achieved, it’s time for the stamping. But before stamping can be accomplished, it’s important to apply a release agent first. This reduces the likelihood of special plastic mats sticking during the removal process.


    Stamping concrete involves applying interlocking pieces of plastic on the edge of the concrete. The concrete is then stamped down and carefully lifted before being placed into a new row.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Questions Concrete Companies Hear

    How Long Does Stamped Concrete Last?

    If the concrete is adequately installed and maintained correctly, stamped concrete can last you for more than 20 years (25 years max!). To prolong the life of your stamped concrete driveway, regularly apply a sealer to keep it at bay. When it has cracks and/or the color starts to fade, the stamped concrete is still usable, but it will need a little freshening up.

    Can Stamped Concrete Look Like Brick Pavers or Stone Designs?

    Yes, stamped concrete (otherwise known as imprinted concrete or patterned concrete) uses rubber stamps. These stamp molds are designed from “real stone.” Once imprinted on concrete, the concrete will resemble natural cobblestone, slate, bricks, tiles, and wood planks. Stamped concrete can also be colored to your preferred shade.