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    Do you need installation, repairs, or resurfacing concrete patios in Greenville, NC? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

    Our team of contractors provides on-schedule and on-budget concrete patio services. Whether you’re planning to install concrete walkways or want to improve your home’s curb appeal with a concrete patio, we’re the name you can trust in Greenville, NC (as well as in Pitt County and other areas in East Carolina).

    Out of all the patio building materials, concrete is our favorite. It’s a traditional yet versatile choice. Clean and smooth, this building material can be formed and cast into various geometric shapes. With some color, it can also transform the look of your home.

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    Why Choose Concrete Patios?

    Concrete patios are gaining popularity as more homeowners/commercial property owners realize their benefits.

    Here are some reasons to go with a concrete patio:

        • Durable. Concrete is known for its durability. It can stand most wear and tear, as well as a variety of weather conditions.
        • Easier maintenance. Compared to other paving units, concrete doesn’t require much maintenance. You need not worry about weeds sprouting or dangerous tripping hazards.
        •  Affordability. Concrete patios cost less than patios made of tiles, bricks, or stones. They also offer better value at a fraction of the cost.
        Concrete Patio

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        Various Types of Concrete Patios

        Regarding concrete patios, you have two options: stamped concrete and concrete slabs. Consider the pros and cons of both:

        Stamped Concrete

        This concrete patio option mimics the look of brick, wood, and stone. Stamped concrete involves pouring concrete into different mold designs to create your desired pattern. It is often designed, molded, poured, and installed on-site.

        Pros of Stamped Concrete

        Since stamped concrete is done on-site, you have more control over the design and color. Contractors add coloring to the layers to achieve your desired look, such as a marbled appearance or a more natural look. 

        Poured concrete is also ideal if you want a smoother surface for your patio. Most concrete contractors recommend poured, stamped concrete for wheelchair-accessible spaces.

        Cons of Stamped Concrete

        Poured concrete can be challenging to replace or repair. If part of the concrete experiences discoloration or crack, you might have to cut it out or patch it. Matching the original design can be complicated, too. 

        Stamped concrete also wears down quickly, especially under consistent foot traffic. Your patio might require resurfacing every five to seven years.

        Stamped Concrete Greenville

        Concrete Slabs

        Concrete slabs create a similar look as poured concrete. These pre-poured tiles also give homeowners and commercial establishment owners more control over the overall look of their patio.

        Concrete Slab

        Pros of Concrete Slabs

        One of the biggest perks of slabs is the variety in colors, shapes, and designs. You can mix and match designs to create a unique pattern. Slabs are also more affordable than stamped concrete since some concrete slabs can cost a few dollars each. 

        The concrete slabs can also withstand heavy traffic and pressure, so you need not worry about resurfacing as much.

        Cons of Concrete Slabs

        Concrete slabs are often associated with a higher upfront cost, especially with installation. After all, the process can be labor-intensive. The entire building process can take several days or weeks to complete.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Common Questions Concrete Companies Hear

        Is a Concrete Patio Cheaper than Brick Pavers?

        Concrete is the more affordable option compared to brick pavers. Concrete pavers can cost from $6 to $10 per square foot. On the other hand, brick pavers can cost you $10 to $20 per square foot. Concrete pavers offer durability and more excellent value than brick pavers. 

        Although concrete pavers come with a higher upfront cost, they are more flexible than brick pavers or poured concrete. Each concrete paver is an individual piece, which creates a pattern that can easily accommodate the fluctuations in the ground (during the installation process).

          Is It Cheaper to Build a Deck or Concrete Patio?

          In terms of the initial cost of installation and maintenance over time, it’s cheaper to build a concrete patio than to build a deck. Concrete patios can cost only $4 per square foot. Decks might require complex construction, which leads to a pricier price tag. The fancier the deck is, the more it will cost you.

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