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    You’ve come to the right place if you need a concrete contractor to fix your concrete driveway, do some foundation repair, or improve your curb appeal. 

    Our team of concrete contractors offers quality concrete repair services in Greenville, NC. We help homeowners, and commercial property owners develop an effective repair strategy to increase curb appeal, improve structure functionality, and more. Our team can select and install a variety of repair materials. Each contractor practices specific installation techniques that suit a variety of repair situations. This ensures that all of our results are long-lasting and durable. 

    We maintain a high standard in innovation, safety, and quality. These standards, along with our safety programs, skilled experts, and years of experience, give our clients peace of mind when they work with us. 

    If you need a concrete contractor in Greenville, NC, contact us. We also serve clients in Pitt County, North Carolina, and other areas in East Carolina.

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    Top Reasons for Concrete Repair

    Like all building materials, concrete also tends to crack and wither. Extreme weather conditions can negatively impact the quality of your concrete. So, if you experience any of the following, it’s time to have your concrete repaired:

        concrete repairing

        Chemical Damage

        If the concrete structure soaked in chemicals is left unrepaired, you might need concrete repair ASAP. Carbonation and other chemical processes can negatively impact the structure of the concrete. Other chemicals that can damage your concrete are:

            • Chlorides
            • Leaching
            • Chemical sulfate
            • Seawater
            Physical Damage

            Physical or structural damage can happen during the de-shuttering and casting process. Concrete slabs, pipelines, and concrete walls are susceptible to damage. Extreme temperatures can also cause contraction and expansion, which can cause more damage to the concrete.

            Other factors that can cause substantial damage:

                • Damage due to fire and explosions
                • Insufficient reinforcement
                • Seismic damage
                • Excessive loads

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              We provide concrete services to all of Greenville and Pitt County. Call today and schedule a consultation to bring your vision to reality!

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Common Questions Concrete Companies Hear

              How Can You Tell If a Concrete Crack is Serious?


              The severity of cracks varies from one structure to another. Concrete cracks are usually considered severe if they are active, so they continue to widen. Other worsening cracks are dirt retention, moisture penetration, and higher visibility. If not addressed immediately, the cracks will influence the durability and strength of the concrete. 

              The perspective of the person overseeing the work also influences the “severity” of a crack. For example, an engineer or contractor could accept a specific crack width, but tenants might deem the crack unacceptable. 

              To determine the severity of concrete cracks, consider the following:

                1. If the crack’s width is less than 0.3 mm, it won’t affect the structure. However, it might develop into a structural crack if left unmonitored.

                2. If the crack is static, it’s not severe. Although, concrete cracks can widen gradually. Unless the crack is repaired, it can become a structural crack that impacts the entire property.

                3. If the crack causes maintenance or sanitation problems, it is a severe crack.

              Can You Pave New Concrete Over Old Cracked Concrete?

              In theory, you can. Typically, homeowners and commercial property owners want to pour concrete over the current due to fading or damage. We recommend pouring new concrete over the old one for the following projects:

                  • Driveway
                  • Basketball court
                  • Pathways
                  • Stepping stones

              While you can pour concrete, it’s not always an option. Some problems can arise when you pour concrete over an existing concrete surface. These include the following:

                  • Concrete slabs are more prone to damage, especially when exposed to lower temperatures. 
                  • The need to add height to the surface can pose many problems, especially if the height will sit next to stairs, in front of doorways, and in other spots where the concrete could meet the pavement. 
                  • If your existing concrete surface has issues or damage, the newly poured concrete will have the same issues.
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